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Bankruptcy Credit Repair.

There are millions of people who have no credit history and who are dealing with multiple credit records because of the way it was handled at the time they filed paperwork. If there is one thing that all Americans should know instantly, it’s – you cannot work outside the home without a credit report. However, […]

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Your Credit Score

Some of us have a very high debt and in the process accumulate scores of points that fall into bad credit. Many of us aren’t even aware of how bad this may actually be AND it is almost a certainty that you only live half the time because of the stress and financial obligations put […]

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Help for Credit Cards

There are hundreds of credit risk companies, financial institutions, and lending companies nationwide, but if you’re in need of professional help for a debt settlement, how can you trust these companies? Is your credit score up to fool the system? Let’s face it, applying for any kind of credit is a fairly easy process. Many […]

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Tips on Credit Counseling Advice.

Credit counseling has become a popular and widespread means of getting out of debt. It involves filling out monthly credit counseling reports in order to obtain your current debtors credit histories while trying to get yourself out of making a payment for the debt that caused the stress and stress, emotional damage, high bills, anxiety […]

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Consumer Credit Counseling The New College Credit Card Program

The United States consumer credit counseling industry is now known as the Consumer Credit Counseling Association. The association began in 1951 as the “National Credit Counseling Association” and today it includes 13 national membership associations and affiliates. Since 1983 the consumer credit counseling industry in the United States has grown at a rapid 7.5% annually […]

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Establish a Plan for Your Reputation

You are now ready for a very important question: Is your credit standing at a certain grade? Normally a high point in deciding on whether or not you want or need a credit rating is making sure that the person you are speaking with is honest and trustworthy. They can tell whether you are getting […]

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Credit Repair – How To Do An Agile Workout (Bonus)

You see ads like these all the time. No, we’re not talking about credit repair scams–we’re just marketing tools that can have the effect of teaching you how to create a fairly easy credit repair routine. Obviously, we don’t often talk about credit repair. Even though it’s a major topic of conversation, let’s just say […]

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Application for Credit Cards – Frequently Asked Questions

Often times, the credit card has two main benefits: it’s a way of helping you repay an amount that a lender has already paid back on your account; and it offers you the possibility of spending more than you can repay before the grace period ends. The grace period has two ends. The first end […]

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Debt, Debts and Credit – Part I – Simple Anecdotally

A complete breakdown of what’s in your monthly credit report can be found in the Annual Credit Report or the Consumer Credit Report. While there is no set rule stating which one should be taken seriously in your own credit situation, simple reading of the report can give you a great starting point. Having paid […]

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Your Credit Report

What the Federal Trade Commission is asking for is something big. The FTC is also asking for, and getting, more than a copy and a copy wide-ranging. And that’s part of what got me thinking that consumer reporting companies may have some difficulties getting their client to sign a contract that will give them the […]