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Basic Credit Card: Why Have No Credit Card?

It doesn’t take a genius feat of writing a checkbook to buy book in less than five dollars, but for the sake of argument myself four dollars more is all that I have to pay, plus the minimum monthly payment on this article.

*basic credit card

Like any item in our lives, any financial mess that goes with it has a precipitate onset of being financial disaster.

*home equity loan

A home equity loan is an interest-free loan, i.e. you pay nothing at all as payment.

*revolving door loan

An interest-free loan allows you to borrow against your own money using a revolving door loan.

*debenture – or refin If you own your own home, you can only borrow against the loan, and then there are banks out there that will have you hold on to your home equity.

*other finance charges

These are not charges that follow any financial advice you receive from a reputable financial advisor. You must read everything they say before you can charge anything. You can also be charged for things you didn’t authorize or didn’t write- such as, “Insufficient funds,” which means you didn’t make your payments!

*general fees

Common sense fees are charged for any fees that are incurred in billing for items in transactions such as credit, insurance, service and telephone calls.

*minimum monthly payment

A monthly payment is the minimum amount needed to cover any of the recurring charges that you incur from a loan. If you’ve been leery of making a single payment for years, don’t be- don’t think you could be leery of making a single payment for years!

*minimum down payment

If you’re looking into an extension loan, another monthly or monthly loan payment will be needed to cover the interest and finance charges and fees.

*outstanding balances

Your outstanding balances are probably the major recurring charges you’re looking at.

It all comes down to the essentials that you are absolutely required to pay- namely, interest and fees, for an article that promises to cleanly teach you how to finance your small purchase.

I like to call this Finance 101. It’s basically all there is to it- the amount of debt you have, the length of time it takes to fulfill a loan, and the percentage of your monthly payment made at the end of each month.

If you’re tired of hearing about mounting finance charges, you might be amazed to know that any product that comes along is marketed aggressively- marketed to get you to lend money- marketing a product that you will need to pay off in full once your monthly loan payment is reached and marketed.

Why? Simply because the interest rates you’re charged with are of high interest, and you end up paying something in interest that you’ve already incurred.

Basic Credit Card Understanding

You can use a basic credit card or cash back card to make money buying gasoline and other basic necessities!

Some credit cards have special processing or payment features. For example, they have special rewards for making money on the card. Those rewards can then be converted into money buying power for the purchasing power of the card!

Most basic credit cards will charge you interest on your money- and there are no set rules that prevent you from paying to get an interest free purchase instead- when you use a card.

Some will not even let you charge your card balance if you miss a payment because there is no set interest rate attached with the bill. Some cards will offer you more than one interest free purchase interest free period. These interest free offers are the money buy features of a basic credit card.

Credit cards that offer so many extra features but are not allowed to charge you interest are called cards or cash back cards.

Remember, credit cards aren’t just some form of cash for the rich. They can be anything you want them to be! Cash, whether it is at banks and department stores and the like, is a real beast out in the open. It only makes sense to think of a card for the needy; never cash in on your great needs. A card is a decent savings tool considering that it is pegged against your money.