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Basic Credit Card Types- Tips for Getting Approved for a Basic Secured Credit Card.

These are the three main credit card types that Americans own:

Citi Dividend:

“This type of card allows issuers to set maximum monthly contributions up to a maximum limit. Employees, cardholders, accountants, account insurance payers all get a discount on their card contributions if they make their contributions on time. Also, some credit card holders receive a complimentary debit card certificate when paying off balances.

Substantial Rewards Card:

“This credit card offers rewards of up to 14,500 points each year – up to five times more than other type of credit cards.

Pay Your Finance Expenses Pre-Approved:

“This card gives the holder a 5% reduction on all other purchases and a 20% cash back on all purchases for the balance period. If you are interested in getting the 0% introductory rate on purchases and a 5% rebate on other purchases, you are bound to receive your introductory offer.”

The card has no annual fee, as is the case with some other cards. In fact, the actual rate doesn’t require any indication on the transaction side.

Special Offers:

“Offers covering goods and services like travel, entertainment, entertainment, insurance, car rentals, and emergency services are also available, provided there is a good credit history and security of account and the payments are timely. There is no activation fee.

Cash Debit Card:

The Cash Debit Card (also called a Visa Card) has an initial APR of 0.05%. Later, if limits on balances are reached, a higher APR could apply. (Example: Carrying an external card would not incur any finance charges.) (Also see ‘Insurance Rates’)

Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

“The APR is a number after the introductory rate that varies from time to time – from 21.9% to 24.9%.

Late Fees – annual fee 3.9%, and late payment fee of up to $50. The card also has no annual fee; the rate is waived for holders with a good credit rating, or those who carry an annual membership fee.”

Those who have good credit often enjoy savings of up to 90% for the credit card payments.

Travel Card – a reward for frequent travel; it can be redeemed for cash.

Airline Card – a cash back reward available for frequent air travel; can be redeemed for flights.

Business Credit Card – rewards for those who regularly use their business credit cards.

Self Employed (SS) and Prepaid Savings Account – can be used to build a good payment history for a period of time like the business credit card offer.

These are just two of the advantages available to Americans. The Internet has allowed us to do just that when we want to apply for a credit card, and even before applying for it. The Internet doesn’t hold back the Internet as much as it used to, as there are numerous Credit-Cards-to-Apply-Credit-for, options that fit the needs of all.

What Are The Rewards That You Get With An Equal Credit Card?

Credit card companies and operating companies earn huge amounts of profit from allowing the consumers to become ‘at risk”’s to use the promotional cards that the issuing company offers, to entice them to raise their credit limits. Therefore you need to know what your credit card rebates might be.

Most credit card companies claim that the benefits they offer only apply to their customers. But what if that’s not the case? What if you are interested only in getting a larger deal on higher credit limits? What if you are really interested in getting a rebate on the use of your credit card, it’s up to you.

The major credit card companies usually get around 1% of their transaction of credit card rebates on their credit card purchases, but if you are likely to owe the company anything up to $5000, that’s enough to pay an analyst to compile the calculations, but not the $5000. What’s more the $5000 pays analyst to perform the calculations that the issuing company has to perform on your credit card purchases to see how much of your profit you might derive on these purchases. What’s more, almost 70% of your expenses go to the analyst not the credit card company, which is a very large profit margin for any credit card company, since a staggering 99.99% of the revenue goes to the credit card company’s profits. This should make you want to shop around for the best deals on credit cards, so you might as well do your own research on this subject.