Bankruptcy in Canada

If a family has been hit with a CRA report in the past, and in the past years has dealt with some sort of financial woes, it could be very difficult for them to transfer the debt to pay off the previous debts.

The CRA is on its way to finding you. It is up to you, the consumer, and the CRA to find out as much about what went into the old investigation as to what can be improved.

If you are looking for help with your CRA bill (or any particular thing related to your CRA), then The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) law has given you the CRA much easier access.

As part of its work in keeping tabs on CRA activity, The Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit Bureau Act (BCCA) does have some very important things in place for you to look out for. According to the Act:

‘ (a) the CRA shall take every necessary step to investigate your claims, report every negative matter to that jurisdiction’;

‘ (b) the CRA shall ask:

1. the name, address, and telephone number of the person who reported the negative matter,

2. the date that the matter was reported as negative and the name, address, and phone number of the person who reported the matter,

3. the nature, extent, and duration of the negative matter investigation;

4. any changes in the report;

5. the time, place, and manner of the negative matter investigation when it came to your report

You can expect your CCC to be very important to your ability to manage your CRA. When you are ready to file your first CRA statement in about six years, in most cases you are going to want to watch the CRA release the last 4,000 records and then you can expect to hear a lot from the bank that has investigated and deemed the CRA worthy of your CRA investigation.

There is much I believe I can give you, but I am going to let you know in no particular order that this isn’t just an offer. It’s an offer you can make to your CRA.

This is an offer that Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit Bureau Law TELL US how easy it is! We can help you consolidate your CRA debt with a step by step process that can lead you to a major consolidation (the consolidation of debt) and keep a score of all the negative and positive reports that are currently on your CRA report, and try to figure out which negative items got reported more favorably.

If you have been a victim of credit card fraud and your CRA is looking really, really hard to clean up, I just want to let you know that the process below is an example of how easy it is to keep the good looks with a CREDIT CARD.

Step 1…

You need to fill out a Form C-2, which is for Credit Card, and fill it out correctly. It never sounds too hard or even easy, but this step will give you all the answers you need and ensure you can get the CRA program at no extra cost to you.

Step 2…

Get all your CRA reports from each of the CRA agencies that have evaluated your personal information for being a ‘Credit Card or Personal.’ If the information on your report says ‘CREDIT CARD’ or ‘Personal Identification Number’ make up that information, the CRA has evaluated that information for that information and determined that it is correct. If you run an interest rate under 10%, you will have to make CRA payments on a monthly basis and they will be made through your credit unions rather than through your spouse’s.

Step 3…

You will need to provide the CRA with your name, address, your date of birth, Social Security number, name of bank that advised your CRA to call, and any other information the CRA has about you including but not limited to your employer and bank account number or other personal information. Include a copy of your most recent tax return and copies from the IRS or CRA report that show the change in your name since you applied for the CRA’s protection number.

Step 4…

Ask the CRA if you would be willing to provide the CRA new identification, a copy of your Social Security card and the details of your date of birth plus the names of banks and other financial institutions that you have reported to CRA to help them verify the bankruptcy information you provide. If you are having trouble with your claim, at the very least request a copy of your taxes and a copy of your wages for tax reporting. Continue to ask other questions about the CRA and it would appear to be clear that a bankruptcy is an extremely helpful and helpful tool to maintain your financial health.