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Bankruptcy For Life

People in 2005 have been racking up bad credit reports for at least 10 years. Not that I can dispute the figures , but I have to.

In 2005, there were more negative accounts than bankruptcies and foreclosure closings combined . There were 7981 credit reports that were amended as of april 30, 2005, which actually reflected a 3.4% increase from 2004.

It isn’t that difficult to see why people are racking up these bills:


Every creditor gets a $50 rebate.

Account maintenance

Every home loan and credit cards get a $50 rebate.

Credit Card and Home Advance Card Rebates

For the first five months, most credit card rates last 12 to 15%.


Several credit cards get a $50 rebate.


In 2005, there were just 62 creditors who received $50 or more in out of all their reporting.

Bad credit in 2005, and it’s getting worse

The number of bankruptcies and foreclosures has increased by double digit numbers. Even with these higher numbers, the United States Debt is Going Down
Since 2005 more and more Americans are moving into debt (or making repayment options nearly impossible).

The situation in 2005 isn’t going to change. Debt can be a manageable part of life, but that doesn’t mean there will be the one time trouble.

If you have bad credit just now, it will take you 7 years to write off $200 each month as paying off your debt. We all have those late fees and balances. Paying off our debts in 7 years is fast enough.

What we need right now is a solution to help you find the help you need to find your way out of good debt. I will tell you one way to do that.

You can get the latest and the fastest on where this new debt came from.

Let me start out by saying that this debt is for myself. I’ve turned every monthly charge into an annual fee. I’ve written thousands of words on how to make sure you are done reading that very letter. I know you’re not alone.

More than 10% of our economy is based in the United States. That causes a lot of stress for new customers who come to us from across the world. We keep the credit cards and mortgages open as much as possible. We take the time and effort to set up those accounts and then we are left paying the fees and the interest and getting nothing. We end up paying an astronomical sum each month because there are only so many ways to survive.

Our economy is a disaster and that is why we need to be able to survive in the 21st century.

Don’t think for a second that I am saying that default servicing happens. I know that it does. The answer lies in clear debt consolidation, refinance loans, or even foreclosed homes.

The answer obviously lies in customer service.

Beside the debt, we have Customer Service, which is usually located right across the street. Their number is 541-599-1111. It’s free and they will give you a phone number to talk to you when you need one.

In 2005, I was able to fill out an application at no charge by going to the financial institution Web site and clicking on the ‘application’ link.

No fees were charge free. No waiting in line or coming home. No paying phone bill over the phone.

No debt, no problems because this is for YOU

So how can we help make sure you get the debt you have been so eager to get out of? I’m going to walk you through the steps.

First I want to say that it is absolutely true that personal debt is now the business. We’ve seen the reports and seen the steps we took to help you out.

We call debt consolidation, that means combining your debts into one loan. We call customer service.

Not the most efficient way to make your business work, but it can be very profitable and convenient. From now on, you can invest over $5,000 to become debt free.

So here we are getting customer service up and running right NOW. We charge between $10,000 and $25,000. That is exactly what we do; customer service. We will literally do all of the work for you and deal with the situation you are in right now. At no cost to you, we are able to make the right loans out to you for the next two years.

What type of loans can you make? From today, all you need to understand is what a credit report looks like.

The Credit Report’s information comes from your reported Credit Rating.