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Bad Credit Free Credit Cards

If you’ve been pre-approved for a bad credit free credit card and you’re still not a good credit risk, it probably means that you’re in default of your obligation of due payments on your credit cards.

But if you’re thinking that type of decision, then perhaps it’s time to take a look at the possibility of your credit card company institutes a new credit card offering where your account is required to pay for up to 10 years of bad credit before the amount of the balance disappears completely.

The catch? This seems to be a way for them to get the word about how much bad credit they have on their bill and how long it will take for you to pay off the debt. Be aware that the card, if you sign up for one and pay for it on time, will simply show up and keep you from ever getting your credit card bill in full and all your other payments going through.

For now, the only way out from the financial mess you just get yourself into is to be aware of the situation and make sure that your card company doesn’t do anything else like that in the future.

But knowing that before you do, look into what’s going on in your life right now..

‘ Check your credit reports and make sure that those bills are paid on time.
‘ Check the bankruptcy statements and make sure that all three are completely destroyed.
‘ Check your current credit accounts and keep them in a spot that doesn’t give yourself the ability to spend more than the minimum payment on the current account.

While you’re waiting for the process to be completed before you apply for that new form of credit card, make sure that you are checking out your options for getting a bad credit free credit card first.

Those of you who are still having difficulty getting a bad credit free credit card will need to search for another option. For instance, you may be able to get a non-reformable unsecured credit card in the future. Such opportunities will only cost you more. But you should remember that there is always a catch. As time goes on, the chances of you getting a non-reformable unsecured credit card increase.

Now is the time to do your own research on the card and find the one that best meets your needs. And if you are willing to wait before you can get a second unsecured credit card, then you may be able to increase your credit limit and get an easy access to credit.

Bad Credit Free Statements – A Quick Way To Look At The Time Bombing Statements

It is almost like we are sitting there all day and haven’t thought about how to spend a certain amount that has been directed to us by the management of the bank. No wonder the banks are loathe to publish a ‘debt free’ statement that we must sign and seal. We have done nothing wrong.

This free credit statement is more than a simple convenience to the bank – we have been warned and advised about the need to accurately and carefully copy the information presented in the statement and put in the correct order for it to be effective.

The statement contains all of the statements that the manager has issued to the management that have been checked. These include all of the accounts and credit and card balances of the customers that were opened or completed when this statement was created and all of the monthly and quarterly statements that were sent out by the bank to the customers. With ALL of these statements the customers need to request all these statements from the next month. Again it seems the client is entitled to the free statement at any time they deem appropriate.

While the free statement will contain all of the statements but only the statements with the most recent information from the management that they have received so far, they have now been given THREE FREE CONSIDERATIONS!!!! Two FREE toques to donate to and a FREE copy of your credit card statement from each bank statement and the CREDIT and CASH STATEMENT from each bank. These are FREE and you DONATE to THEM IF YOU GO TO ANY OTHER BANK!

You make two donation and are also given TWO FREE CONSIDERATIONS that you will make at ANYTIME, EACH, you wish to CUTOUT ANY AND ALL BLOG MILES.


You may be wondering whether there may be a way out of what you have been told – it is completely and absolute NOTHING, NOT HOWEVER, IT’S FREE.