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Bad Credit Credit Card – How to Consolidate and Repair Your Bad Credit

If you are in deep credit card debt you have to do more than just consolidate your debt. You have to, in order to improve your credit score but as you become a better credit worthier and spend a larger share of your income on bonuses and membership to credit unions there can be real benefits to consolidate.

When there are unsecured credit cards you can take a credit debt off the premium lenders. You can invest in a credit card with a zero percent APR only which allows you to put the debt onto a card that has a better interest rate and lower annual percentage rates. With all the bonuses and membership to a credit union no one seems to understand you are not an excellent risk, and that you are capable of paying for your debt no matter how much debt you have taken out of your own pocket. Then find that debt which is going to become more difficult to actually pay off, and you are shocked when there is so much interest and new credit card offers everywhere.

You think you are one of those people that do not even know the difference between credit cards and mortgages. You are trying to find a way to make ends meet now that you know your credit score is as high as it should be. The credit card companies believe that everyone that takes out loans on a credit card must have excellent credit. They also believe that people need to have enough knowledge and skills in managing their credit to realize the rewards of credit cards.

Credit Score – Different Types

There are seven different kinds of credit report. The types of credit report are found at the end of this article.

How To Read A Copy

To find out if a credit bureau is on your credit report, you need to know the category under ‘Credit Reporting’. There are two sub-groups of credit reports. You can name loans and purchases and you can collections.

Loan reports are categorized by the three main credit bureaus and used for making comparison purposes. It is essential and you can check both by going to

Don’t go hunting for a different type of report. Credit reporting agencies make mistakes and report them at the same time. You should report everything that a credit bureau says is inaccurate to a credit bureau as soon as you see it. This is why if you notice mistakes in your credit report you should immediately fix the misstatements.

If you just need a copy of your credit report, go ahead. You will need it for one year. No worries about the time period that credit bureaus report.

You can get a copy of your credit score by submitting a written request to the three major credit bureaus. Complain to the credit bureau about the inaccuracy within twice a month. You should get as good a result as any because this will provide you with the information you need to attempt to correct the problem.

For each year that you have been a consumer, you should pay certain bills to get a copy of your credit report. Be aware that each credit report contains errors as well. If not in writing to remove a copy at no charge, cancel the credit card that reports the error to the three major bureaus.

Credit Score Check

It’s easy to forget that your credit report has a score. Your score isn’t the whole story if your loans and bills are totaled; your loans keep increasing. Pay your bills on time. See how you’ve repaid the debt you owe. Be a healthy cardholder. Even if you’re over age 62, your score needs to be reflected on your credit report so that you know how you’re possibly liable for any future misstatements – if any.

Unfortunately, this is harder than you think. Here’s what does have to be done:

1. Ask for a copy of the report immediately.
2. Include this response: ‘This information is necessary to investigate, as it is required by the reporting agency(s) and can only be accessed by the credit bureau’s inquiry supervisor(s) at the time your inquiry is made.’