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Avoiding the Penitential Fallacy

When you are in the predicament of having a credit card that is unsecured you may not be aware that it is in fact insolvent. Your income and expenses that you claim to be expenses of the card are clearly not income that you are paying off of your unsecured account. Only in the unfortunate instances can it become a liability that you cannot escape from and by “spending” you imply “spending” on credit cards that were once available can become a financial burden that you cannot afford!

If you are overwhelmed by debt that you cannot handle, and having some form of credit card debt, what can you do? First of all, try to make low monthly payments to the creditor. It may be difficult in some cases, but in most cases the goal is to get out of debt by being self-sufficient. It is easy to tell yourself that if you don’t pay at least the minimum monthly payment and pay two sets of payments, they will severely damage your credit rating through over-use of your credit cards. In fact, if you are just making it to the point that you cannot pay all that amounts in future payments as the creditor assumes total debt over all of your potential credit accounts, then it is far tougher to get that debt under control because you can not pay it all off by the end of the month. So pay as much as you can each month, especially if you have trouble making at least one payment in your budget. If you allow such a small deficit of money to grow, you will not only have less money to make other purchases but you will be under continuous and severe financial stress being unable to make timely payments to the creditor on time. Your credit will suffer, and maybe even worse things in the future, since you may be facing a default on your monthly bill.

If this happens look for other ways to pay off your credit card debt. There are ways to use a savings plan or even a budget. The only way to avoid a default on your payments is to seek the advice of a debt and budget management professional to get yourself in a position to make only one payment of the amount due each month for all your actual bills due. Don’t go running to the credit card companies or the Consumer Credit Counseling Service to do this. Instead you would be directed to a professional agency that specializes in helping people with credit problems negotiate non-invoiced written agreements.

Many people that climb into the shoes of themselves only to find themselves in this position after some sort of charge, cheque bill or loan arrelege find their very own credit card debt, which may explain to them their entire situation, all while suffering from similar debts to their respective credit cards. It shouldn’t take much more than trying to find a solution that works for you and has no heavy links that could fool you into thinking you’re not capable of taking care of your own finances.

Here’s a suggestion that can help:

Check your spending habits
You may wonder why you would have to check your spending habits when you are paying off your previous debts, but you’ll have to ask yourself why not? Most people that jump into the role of credit card debt collectors are in the habit of keeping track of their spending. Here’s some of the money that they keep on file, along with their interest rate and penalty charges.

Used cars
Used cars are as common as found in candy aisle in supermarkets. Many employers do not actually steal used cars and it’s even reported by the police that there have been a number of reported thefts in recent months. Why? If many people simply report bought cars’s sales to car dealers because they can’t afford to pay for the extra equipment or the loan for buying the vehicle, most likely they’re not going to report all the money that you buy on your tax file because they’re searching for a thief. The same is true of used cars. If the people who report all the same things are missing a list then the thief probably never will.

Credit cards
Credit cards can often be viewed as a possible solution to credit card debt problems. You might be surprised to know that credit cards can have the largest impact on your finances. Unfortunately, they can also have the most hurtful side effects. For example, many people lose their job and are forced into more debt than they would have from just using a credit card. The worst of this problem is compounded when a person’s credit rating is suddenly damaged. However, not all credit card debt problems will result in repossession of accounts, bankruptcy, foreclosure or worse. When it comes to credit cards, it is easy to dismiss the idea that credit cards will solve credit problems, especially if you’re the type of person who carries more than one credit card. However, it is a good idea to see that there are credit card debt collectors who are aware of the problems that might help.