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Are Credit Card Issuers Really “Shopping Philosophically” – and Reap Millions of Dollars in Interest? (Part Two)

Credit card issuers and financial institutions, in exchange for giving you credit, tend to shop a lot. It goes without saying that it’s more profitable for you to shop for your credit card.

First of all, credit card issuers try to attract more customers with more promotions like frequent flyer miles, cash back bonuses, discounts on everyday items and bonus points for signing up with them. All these promotions look pretty effective even if you haven’t had a chance to use your credit cards at all.

Most people have noticed that most of the credit card issuers offer higher interest rates for those who carry a high balance on their credit cards. Sometimes, this includes those making use of gift cards.

Also, some companies will either waive the payment fees if they are using your credit card, or put a fee on your initial application if you happen to have a balance. These fees are expected on any new purchases you make with your own credit card.

I thought I’d show you how to pay off your credit card bills in a safe and secure way. The best way to do that is with a secure site like Paypal. This would be of great importance to consumers with bad or ruined credit. These sites allow you to pay your money(s)due each month (but not as!) for your payments on your credit card.

Let me tell you, users of these sites save a lot of headaches in terms of mailings and facsimiles of your email messages. They also do save some serious time in terms of having to actually sit down with you credit card issuer and negotiate. The easy money for them also is saving some serious time and money to your credit card bills.

Let me give you a few examples:

1) Pay your credit card bill in full each month. To get us under $10K in credit card debt, we pay another $10K each month to Paypal. (Of course, has you covered as well.)

2) Pay your credit card bills on time. If you don’t get paid on time, once you do, there are going to be other demands on your credit card bills that you also have to pay over the next few months.

3) Pay your bill(s) on time. There are the consumer credit companies that will get all of your bills in the mail each week and send you a payment in full by phone each quarter. Call them and hang up and call me up on the line!

4) We need your help paying off our credit card debt. Make the minimum payments for an entire year. If you don’t get a payment in full, it is a total nightmare for you. Take the time to shop around BEFORE you sign up with each of the big lenders to see what are those minimum payments for a full year.

I am so excited for the solution I hear you can find. No matter how hard you think you are, if you don’t pay them on time on your cards and payments are still coming in, this will only hurt your credit rating.

In this article we are going to dive into the tricky part of pay off your credit card bills.

How Much Is Too Much?

For most credit card holders, the amount they now pay over their entire debt is too much. Most people do believe they cannot afford to pay all of their payments on time, as this way of keeping up with their payments, does really hurt their credit rating. If they pay all of their bills on time, then they will be back to where they are now. If they do not, then they will just end up getting even more debt on their credit cards.

While you are looking for low interest rate credit cards; you will also be looking for low or no interest rate terms. By focusing on paying your credit card bills on time each month, you will prevent these types of payments from hurting your credit rating.

Are Cards The Answer To The Problem?

According to a recent poll, credit cards account for half of all UK spending habits. More than 60% of credit card users say they use their cards regularly. This is up 9% on 2005 and the largest quarterly rise since 1996. This is the result of a survey by Nationwide survey. More than half of all adults aged 18 and over say that they use their credit cards almost where they used to.