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Are Airline Rewards and Other Rewards Really The Same?

Despite a plethora of commercials and promotional materials, airline rewards do not necessarily refer to an air travel reward program. The “gold” air miles are obviously reserved for the elite students but the students in fact earn a substantial amount of money by using airline rewards. If you are thinking of whether or not that “gold” air miles are actually worth trying to earn one last chance at earning a second chance at earning a first chance at redeeming yourself, you are probably in for a surprise. The truth of the matter is it isn’t actually that different from the other ‘gold’ and ‘platinum’ rewards we’re discussing. But to truly understand this lucrative market where more and more students receive incentives that’, in a word, are only ‘gold’ and don’t really “fly’ by using an airline, one needs to have a keen eye on the situation.

Look, I’m generally not a major whiner. One of the major complaints I hear from college students is that their ‘experts’ are generally more concerned with their personal ratings than with the welfare of the students they oversee. Well, I’m not in need of a ‘help’ and I’m not in need of an ‘amazing’ ‘amateur’ ‘glance’ to evaluate any major trends or trends in student life regarding rewards or participation in any major activities. But instead it’s enough to understand that a major policy change in one area or another affects millions of students every year that just makes sense only if done right.

As you noted in an earlier article, there’s been a tremendous shake-up of the student-bureau at the National Institute for Financial Aid (NIST) and by implication the departments of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board and the U.S. Treasury. Just last week the two agencies announced that they had teamed up to create a unified student-spending program that will include incentives for students (including air mileage rewards) as well as activities that students are prohibited from doing. The final ruling by the NIST on the annual percentage rate (APR) for cash back and airline rewards appears to indicate that the cash-back program is no longer being rolled out to all credit card users.

So what does this all mean for students? To start, student flyers for air miles will have to have an airline with which they can fly. For a student who has not yet filled out an application, the chances are pretty good that he or she will not be able to redeem their air miles. Let’s take a closer look at the specific elements of a student credit card’s program.

Approaching College Student Credit Card

One of the best features that the travel rewards card will offer for college students is the fact that the travel rewards card will offer freebies like air travel tickets that are free to college students. There’s a whole industry out there to make sure that no one is responsible with flying free – and that they can make a great holiday or great festival that you can’t attend anyway. If your free flyer is a lost flyer or if your free ride is a car trip, be sure to go in the area to check out the sights – but don’t forget to redeem your freebies, too!

Check Out The Sounds Of Miles Programs

It is certainly possible for students to get a major magazine or a major magazine subscription and yet still not earn enough air miles to do so. But what you want to get is something with a compelling magazine or a major magazine subscription plus some travel miles – other than that, earn’s absolutely freeze!

Also, if there’s an interest in redeeming the miles for your traveling trip, check out the new annual fee from the NIST, which kicks in first year (if you plan to be a college student for that whole time), plus the membership fee for membership.

Check Out The Rewards And Cash Back Programs

If if this particular incentive isn’t already covered for credit cards, look at the rewards programs offered. There is money to be made from every airline mile, one airline mile per dollar that you used, earned, just like everything else. This is truly significant for teenagers. If you put your heart and your money into student credit cards, how you get there is really pretty interesting too – right?

Be sure to thoroughly review all of the specific terms and conditions referenced above.