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American Express Platinum Credit Card

American Express has proven to be a firm leader in the segment of the consumer in the fields of consumer products and business equipment. The new A1 Platinum credit card has shown the world that it can handle the most prestigious and important awards it has to offer, namely the Chase Platinum Student ID, Hertz Travel Master Card, and the prestigious Citibank Master Card.

To give you a better understanding of how American Express has handled this prestigious award, let’s first review the value proposition a platinum credit card offers you.

The value of this platinum credit card lies in its value as a specialized line of credit. Just like renting a car or a hotel room, you have to pay back at many stations for the privilege. The real advantage of a platinum credit card is the opportunity cost-overhangs. A platinum credit card pays for many ticket costs; gas, telephone, groceries, and prescriptions.

The platinum is very valuable. It also enables you to have access to a variety of platinum and gold program items. These are only one of many items that you should consider when applying for a platinum credit card. There are also platinum authorizations available for certain other programs. These platinum authorizations will be useful when you do not need to supply an essential service.

The platinum cards differ only in the amount of the point reward offered by the credit card in this application. There is no set amount or number of points that may be earned. For example, you may give up to 50,000 points over time and no credit card limits that will entitle you to a platinum card. You can do this anywhere! You can, therefore, apply for any platinum credit card and receive zero points.

American Express Blue Sky from Canada

The American Express Blue Sky from Canada is a credit card for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. If Canada is your destination for the holiday season, then this card will provide for a rewards program similar to that offered for the Visa Blue Sky card. There is no annual fee on the American Express Blue Sky card while the program rewards are limited to $50.

It is important to note that not all features are included with the American Express Blue Sky card, and you are responsible for comparing offers from several credit card companies. In addition, it is your responsibility to read all disclosures on the issuer’s web site which can significantly reduce your knowledge of the product and prevent you from enjoying the benefits.

Annual Fees

Once the American Express Blue Sky card is used, the American flag will be lowered from above the sky station and you will experience the views you have been wanting to experience. For those who do not qualify for rewards, the airline rewards do not accrue until they spend $35,000 and receive a $50 bonus air mile or a $100 gift card with purchases of a select number on the card. There is no minimum spend limit on American Express credit cards. These benefits are available to residents of Canada and are not available to other non-Canadian issuers.

American Express Blue From Canada Visa Card – Rewards And Rewards Benefits

The majority of American Express credit card issuers maintain partnerships with a number of international merchant establishments. Rewards from these establishments will be useful to you and the merchant and will reward you for the transactions with points earned that can be redeemed to double points on products or services with the Amex platinum credit card.

Rewards Benefits

The Amex Blue From Canada Visa Card provides you cashback rewards or reward-powered purchases with the Amex Platinum MasterCard. The frequent traveler gets 20,000% automatic low-interest savings, and other savings options, as well. The Amex Platinum MasterCard offers a fixed introductory 0% introductory rate from the date you purchase the product using the Amex Card or purchase online with the Amex Platinum credit card.

You can redeem your points by using the Amex Blue Sky Card from the United States. You can redeem the points that you receive in the Blue Sky Card that you will receive them as a gift. You can also take part in the collection, marketing, purchase, or consolidation of balance transfer fees. The Blue Sky Card from the United States offers a 17.99% introductory rate. If your purchases are mainly grocery, grocery-bait and switch, bookkeeping, and other low-margin fees, then the Blue Sky Card from the United States is an excellent option.

Customers get rewards of up to 27000 points upon opening an account with the Blue Sky Card through the Amex Membership Rewards program, which is offered by Amex within the Amex network.