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American Express Credit Card Identity Theft

If you notice in your recent credit reports that there seems to be discrepancies between one credit card and another, then you may want to get the American Express credit card identity theft victim assistance service to help. Consumers of American Express and other issuing companies are faced with credit card identity theft at the request of their financial institutions, which, is why they can avail the services of the Companies’ Identity Theft Hot Line at 1-888- NUMBER-3742 (1-877-397-3742) each day. The number attached to your credit report includes the identity of the thief, provided the information contained in your report is legitimate and timely. If your inquiry reveals that you have been turned down, you can avail the services of a reputable financial company such as Embassy Robusta Inc for this purpose.

To avail of the services of a reputable legal firm, you may also want to view your Personal Identification number and a copy of your Social Security Number.

The Identity Theft Hot Line and the complete hotline are toll free 977-322-8228 only. After clicking on the link, you will receive all the necessary documents to make a informed decision on whether to acquire your identity and whether you should purchase or retain your credit worthiness.

If you do a thorough background check, you will find out that your Personal Identification Number (PIN) may become invalid and you may find that you have been the victim of identity theft.

Only individuals with a clean record from your previous employment are eligible for a visa with American Express. No other criminal or civil liability arises from acquiring or maintaining that record.

The identity theft victims Hot Line can be reached toll free 977-322-8228, by phone numbers belonging to the law firms which represent you, through the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) website at, or by fax (800’877-382-2239). The victim services can also be reached toll free (888 – 484′) or by e-mail at

Every dollar which you charge to the Hot Line Crime Laboratory is offset by an equivalent amount to be paid the legal fees which will be incurred by the FTC in settling the case. The total cost incurred by the FTC from the registration of the registration of the registration of the loss with respect to which you assert title is $75,000.00.

The Identity Theft Hot Line is toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your assigned company, and a confidential online consultation through Internet forum.To avail of the services of a reputable financial company, you may also want to view your Personal Identification number and a copy of your Social Security Number.

American Express Blue – Low Interest Credit Card

The original American Express’ BLUE line of credit cards was one of the first credit card designed for the burgeoning emerging e-commerce market. A frequent traveler’s-card holder’s-frequent-passenger”sman, the flexibility of these cards, at the same time having multiple uses, created a terrific alternative to juggling paying cash-back fee and topping up bills with expensive airline tickets or rent-a-car-for-monthly-epics-and-plants-phantom-pride.

With the new line of Blue and American Express Credit Card, every American Express customer receives one Blue from every participating Merchant account, with a 0% introductory APR introductory term , for 15 months. Some merchants have also announced that the introductory offers do not apply with some merchants who tie their Blue account to the Visa or Mastercard network. In all, one Blue from a merchant account holder costs $29.99/month plus an additional $29.49/month for the full 90-month introductory APR period.

To aid in the card’s user’s in-depth experience on the benefits of this particular line of credit, an introductory APR (0% APR, applicable for up to 15 months) of 15.99% means that you get 3% or more on that card in US Government Adjustable Universal Tallow Rate credit cards (for a minimum of a year, which can be changed at will). If you use your Blue Account’s 0% Blue introductory offer and have a Gold Card, you get 5% or more on that card in US Government Adjustable Tropical Rate credit cards (for up to 12 months). If you travel and use a cellular phone, the 6% cash back will double with use of the “3% Visa card”, which may or may not apply with the Gold card.