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American Express Blue Sky from American Express Blue Sky Card

American Express has long had a loyal customer group. Since its inception in 1958, they have maintained high standards for customer service and customer support in customer’s lives.

They are well known for providing customer’s with benefits particularly for those who are new to the ‘Blue Sky’ program, an extended warranty program. Hence, they are well known for providing low APR credit card support and customer service.

There is a unique Blue Sky cards offered by American Express in case your a member of the BlueSkyCard family. They have been available over the years and you can select which program from the Blue Sky offered is the perfect financial gift that you can bring home when you vacation or travel.

Blue Sky Visa Support Bonus Air Miles Card – American Express

Enjoy the rewards of a Blue Sky membership, plus the bonus air miles you’ve just been promised. If granted, you will qualify for the platinum Platinum credit card at a rate of $2000 per credit card month. Yes, that’s a real deal. You got it! For the entire period of six months, no extra charges are charged. This air miles card also entitles its holders to reward points at the rate of $2000 a year — doubling their points!

Each award-winning rewards student credit card will entitle its members to a two-digit cash back reward of 1 – ’30 cash per – ’60 point level or – ‘100 reward point. You may purchase your own reward rewards credit card for only 25, 25 or 100 points.

American Express Blue Sky Card Program with Rewards

With their best deals available from Blue Sky credit card, you will be rewarded in every category of spending. So redeem your Blue Sky rewards just for your money, use your points toward purchasing airline tickets, purchase necessities like music CD players and books at select places.

You can also accumulate rewards points each year if you frequent several airlines at the same time. After you have accumulated a total of ‘300 points per year, you may redeem your points directly for discounts at select stores.

To begin, redeem your 0% APR for the first seven billing cycles after your first purchase on the points program at participating retailers. Rewards points only. After that period, you will normally have accumulated some points until your rewards expire.

Annual fees for your rewards credit card will be competitive as well as an annual fee will be charged for the first year and one-half of the redemption of prizes. During this time you receive all the benefits of a Blue Sky credit card plus the added benefits of long-term loyalty.

For additional benefits, you are often able to redeem your points for regular credit cards, department store, store gift cards and tickets to any popular music concerts.

But if you wish to combine the benefits of rewards with competition, the selected items will be conveniently purchased online. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy your complimentary hotel accommodations and other conveniences so you can conveniently order and receive your hotel stay’

0% Interest Rate for Two Years on Balance Transfer Credit Cards.

If you have your eye on taking advantage of the chance of quickly transferring your balance from your card to another, a 0% interest interest rate is absolutely ideal. There is no limit to the rate you’ll be able to find.

Benefits of a 0% interest rate on Balance Transfer Credit Cards