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American Credit Cards – An Introduction

Credit cards are a quick way to purchase goods and services from others. If used appropriately, these cards can also be a useful source of small business loans. By establishing good credit with your American Express card, you will be given greater access to loans than ever before. You will be able to use additional credit and the minimum number of credit lines in a timely manner to pay off your purchases. This will be the best way to get that most affordable interest rate.

Once you have established good credit with your American Express card, you can enjoy the convenience of a visa, e-check and money orders service without the hassle and time consuming steps of going to the bank or a financial consultant. As an everyday transaction is much easier than credit cards before inception, you will find that the transaction fee can be avoided. There are also no cash withdrawals in American Express cards.

Discover Card – American Express Visa Card – is a general purpose prepaid debit card made available to all members. As an authorized user you have the opportunity to setup a travel reward program. Each trip availabilities will be based on your outstanding credit card charges. Once you have met your travel limit, you can get rewards from your other points accumulated in your American Express Card account. Rewards allow the card user to save up to 1% on travel and air travel. You will be able to manage all your purchases at different spending levels:

i) Offers: You will also get 5,000 bonus miles as an “authorized” holder of your American Express Card.

ii) Balance Transfers: You can set up 0% APR Balance Transfers for two months.

iii) Special Purchases: The card also has a zero liability on unauthorized charges at the end of which the card says it has no liability, provided your funds are credited to your account. The card offers access to your account balance, cash advance programs, and protection against unauthorized purchase.

iv) Merchant Accounts: The account allows you to set up a stand-alone account that will accept checks from customers, after which you can set up ATM withdrawals to pay the charges. An automatic withdrawal of funds is all that is required to operate this account.

The American Express Card will never charge a late payment fee, and annual membership and maintenance fee of $75 and above. Fees associated with acquiring the American ExpressCard are very reasonable as an intelligent credit consumer who could use it for purchases made in a margin of one or two dollars per day, while the actual cost of traveling can jump up to the amount of an extra dollar. As a general rule, annual membership and annual maintenance fees include every single dollar charged by the card, and without a question the American Express card does not add any extra charges!

This is precisely what American Express, for those who are not familiar with the terms and conditions of the card, is promising you. It has set up a point system where you are able to have automatic approval of your purchases for all four credit cards plus instant cash. Every purchase no matter how small, even those you purchase on occasion incur the usual charges of the American Express card.

The beauty of American Express is that they can set you up with the funds to pay almost any bills and then carry a zero liability on any unauthorized charges you are put to. This means no pay-to-write charges on the bill due. This is all added up at the end of the year, saving you that last year wasted time waiting for the company to say you have had an outstanding unpaid bill. If you need some cash, the American Express credit cards are the right choice. You can transfer any outstanding balance with a low interest rate to one of their cards, and there are no late payments fees. All you have to do is to take the money and don’t let extra fees start to pile up.

American Express Blue, Gold Cards

When your credit card is suddenly shut off and has been working 24/7 as a credit card, it can be difficult to keep up with high-quality transactions. Keeping your balances below 25% of the available available credit allowed is essential to maintaining high credit score. The American Express credit card for everyday purchases offers the opportunity to offer you the ability to pay once, and anywhere!

Travel and emergency expenses

Every American household has several credit cards and online accounts. It is absolutely critical that you have enough protection against unauthorized access to your credit card account. Avoid the potential for fraudulent use of your credit card. The U.S. Secret Service has called credit card tracking devices “a growing threat.” This is because when you use your card, your information is turned over over to “black lists.” Suspicious activity is impossible to detect, so companies set up troves of trails to look for hackers.