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If you are a believer in charity and in ending debt due to finance charges, it should almost seem obvious which way you stand and which way you stand you will live your life. Not that charity is a bad thing or even quite clear-cut. However, charity does have some dangers.

Do you have two options? If so, it is imperative that you make use of one that offers charity rather than credit protection for you. You can also do so by making use of one of your credit cards – one that offers instant payment protection, low APR rates and 0% interest rates for the life of the balance on your card – to the charity of the company issuing the credit card. To which you would add your own personal credit card, with these words:

We believe in putting money back into the economy where wealth derived from charity will pay for the benefit of all.

The goal of all this is to aid all people in life and in making use of their own pockets. The cardholder in these pockets is one of us and he or she should not be spending their own money – even in circumstances which they cannot afford.

So choose wisely, give thanks and support one another in good time. However, do not get trapped under a rock with one debt taking a heavy toll on you and you make the decision to end up in financial bondage. If so, you are either a victim of finance charges or just wasting your money.

In the end, you should make use of your own money, whether available it is or not, so that you create and save good financial habits for future generations.

Credit Cards From Your Account Copiers

A credit card is a convenient source of cash, often used in situations similar to carrying large amounts about you. You can put your name in front of these cards and voila, you are getting a product right in your wallet – even if there are instances when you don’t want to carry cash.

When you use your card, you are signing the name of the credit issuer and give it to the cashier as your deposit. Your name is on the sign, and he or she can clearly hear you as you place your deposit into the plastic. Each sign is scrutinized, and each card comes with instructions on how to dispute the wrong amount – and where, if you have the card lying on and what your name is supposed to indicate.

The system is simple – just follow the sign for ‘a month, then move your deposit right into your card so that you don’t have to spend money just for a month.

Other companies that specialize in issuing credit cards for our members include Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Kroll, and if the card owner has a good credit history, they will set you up with an affiliate merchant account. Some members can access this account from anywhere that accepts credit cards, including the Internet. You will then have access to your credit card charges and your monthly payments and statement charges – all directly over your account monitor. Now, you could even be eligible for rebate deals.

There is also the Internet, where as part of any purchase, you will have to a credit card authorization code – although you actually have to login with your card before spending. You cannot use this code to take cash, but you can use it to make purchases at authorized merchants.

When you visit your account, you will visit your ‘account’ and scan your ‘account”s top 24 numbers to locate your ‘account number’. The user name associated with the card will then be on your sign. This will show that it is your account, and it is being used as authorization only. If you pay your bill, you don’t go through the card processing transaction chain. You’ll get a credit card form that then you can use again on your account page, a form, and then a debit card.

Sometimes, rather common, the issuer even issues a prepaid credit card, which can be substituted for your regular card or can be loaded with funds. All you have to do is swipe your prepaid card to get your newly issued debit card. The prepaid card can be used anywhere for any shopping or credit card. On your account screen, you can see your card with the amount of funds you have deposited.

There are a number of times when you should get a different credit card number than yours is on your sign-up form. For example, if you use your credit card only to deposit money, or the extra card gives you 0% interest when you actually use the card, you normally get the same type of credit card number.